Mike Juggins

Colour - Gesture - Emotion


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The Paint is the Narrative...


"Painting is my high place. Spontaneity and serendipity are welcome guests.


I channel gesture, colour and emotion in a free state of mind, often taking cues from the music I listen to.


A form of visual jazz... It is both my play and my work. I just love the visual, physical and emotional rewards that painting gives me.


For me painting is all about finding the inventor within - for ever LOOKING to discover a new way forward with the paint.


I hope that by learning from the past and always pushing forward, my work might reach a place that is yet uncharted.


So here in wonderful DAWLISH, Devon, UK. I feel at home and I am ready... It is from this place - I take flight...


I hope you enjoy the site!"

For Mike's work on dyslexia and Community Arts - Film please visit:



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